How To Clean

How To Sanitize & Disinfect

Our solution of 200 ppm pure hypochlorous is more than 100x stronger than bleach and requires no dilution or rinsing. To find out how much product will cover your area for treatment, we estimate gallons or ounces needed for misting a volume of space within a square foot area. Spray HOCL at 8’ above floors to allow particles to both sanitize exhalations by infected persons and to settle onto surfaces. A 2.5 Gallon jug covers the air and space of 5900 SF or 39 standard size (10’ x 15’) rooms. Our solution at 3:1 dilution is more than 50x stronger than bleach, meets FDA criteria for spraying directly onto produce, meat and fish, and covers the air and space of 17,700 SF or 117 standard size rooms. Our solution at 4:1 dilution is more than 20x stronger than bleach and covers 23,645 SF or 156 standard size rooms. However, the manufacturer makes no claims about efficacy when diluted per EPA. Efficacy is based entirely on ready-to-use product.

The best delivery device for saturation is an ultra- low volume cold mister, fixed or portable. For maximum sanitization with 100% safety margin, mist a standard size hotel or hospital room for 2 minutes at approximately 8’ high and let particles inactivate germs in breathing space before settling onto hard and soft surfaces. (Spray or mist pencil trays, office supplies, athletic equipment, toys and touch points like light switches, doorknobs, faucets and drinking fountains). 100% safety margin is achieved by misting for 2 minutes, with 10 minutes of dwell time (no motion). If there are no known cases in areas, 3 minutes dwell time is sufficient.


Apply to surfaces after traditional cleaning at end of day. Spray toilets every 6 hours. Hand disinfect with hypochlorous before and after contact with every patient. Patients in hospital wards or nursing homes can remain in place when applying. Humidify bedside for 5 minutes every hour. Mist intensive care units (individual rooms) for 30 seconds every 24 hours for same patient. If ward open, mist every 24 hours and air dry. Mist waiting areas and emergency rooms every 6 hours and pharmacies nightly; pharmacists should apply HOCL on hands after every patient.


Spray or mist surfaces nightly including food prep areas, chairs/chair backs/upholstery/pews. Spray toilets, sinks and touch points every 6 hours. Mist schools with or without students inside depending upon local decision. Provide HOCL as hand sanitizer wherever possible, encourage use.

Mist detention centers every 6 hours. (Spray 3:1 dilution directly onto food before preparation).


Spray or mist surfaces, seats, doors, handrails and toilets after every trip. Portable misters work fastest. Mist seats on buses, trains, airplanes, transport vehicles or ferries after every trip. Mist buses, airplanes, train and subway cars nightly. On long flights, mist cabins mid-flight. Mist airports and stations every 6 hours in all areas: rooms, toilets, stalls, urinals, sinks, doorknobs.

On cruise or merchant ships, mist every 6 hours; mist cabins from one meter away or less in every cabin every night. Disinfect touch-points leaving and entering ports.